2017 NENSA U16 Championship Weekend Recap

Last weekend marked the 2017 NENSA U16 at Titcomb Mountain in West Farmington, Maine. For the Midwest that meant sending a total of eight (four boys and four girls) qualifying U16 athletes.

This race series proves to be an integral building block for the development of Midwest U16 skiers.

“The NENSA U16 trip provides the athletes with the opportunities to learn how to race, eat, recover and travel as a team. I believe this trip is a great building block for any skier’s career. Racing on new trails and other snow conditions is a great learning experience.” – Bjorn Hanson

The Championship weekend began on Friday March 10th with a 5km Freestyle race, followed by a 5km Classic race on Saturday and the series wrapped up on Sunday with the Team Relay event.

As a whole, the group did exceptionally well. Of special note were top 10 results from athletes Alice House, Lauren Lackman, Anni Skillicorn, Matthew Clarke, Cooper Lennox and Nick Parent. Podium finishes went to Alice House who got 2nd in the 5km freestyle race, Lauren Lackman just behind her in 3rd and on the men’s side Matthew Clarke stepped up on the podium with the 3rd place finish in the 5km freestyle as well.

“The NENSA organization is very inviting, friendly and helpful. In the two years I have attended this trip, they have had challenging weather conditions. In both cases they have made good choices regarding the course and skier safety. I believe they have the best interest of the U26 skier in mind. They ensure a high level of competition in a relaxed setting” – Kris Hanson Midwest NENSA Team Head Coach

The Midwest put forth two team relays, placing in first in the guest division was Midwest Team Alice House, Nick Parent, Anni Skillicorn and Cooper Lennox. Though separated into the guest category, this team from the Midwest raced a time that put them 2nd overall. Midwest skiers Ellie Munger, Matthew Clarke, Lauren Lackman and Garrett Walters raced together in the relay placing 2nd in the guest category with an overall time that placed them 5th overall.

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