Camps for Skiers Ages 14-19

Plan to Progress

The 2017 CXC Open Summer Camp Series schedule is set for the upcoming dry-land training season.

The camps are designed to bring committed athletes from collaborating teams and clubs together to train for extended periods during the spring, summer and fall.

Each camp fee includes room, board, coaching, presentations and informational seminars with guest speakers. At each camp, skiers train with like-minded peers while receiving one-on-one attention from USSA/CXC Level 100 and 200 certified coaches to improve endurance, technique skills, strength, and overall fitness.

Each camp features two workouts each day along with other social activities and group games. In the past camps have integrated unique outdoor activities such as canoeing, biking, swimming and more.  

The goal for each camp is to have those in attendance leave with a sense of the requirements needed to improve their skiing skills, reach their performance potential and execute a smart training plan. Each camp will have a specific training focus including strength, volume and intensity while still maintaining all elements of ski training.

For further information regarding the Summer Open Camp Series, contact Karmen Whitham, (802) 733-6362.

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