Now Enrolling – CXC Jr. Development Program

Middle and high school is an important time to establish proper technique, effective training habits and to get exposure at local and national ski competitions.

The CXC Junior Development Program is designed to add additional training and race support for athletes ages 15 to 18 years old who are involved in a local club program and are looking for extra coaching to back their skiing goals.

The CXC Junior Development Program offers a customizable and interactive annual training plan supplemented with:

  • seasonal sports
  • fitness testing and screening
  • training camps throughout the summer and winter
  • race support at the Midwest Junior National Qualifiers

The vision of the program is to promote an environment for motivated junior cross country skiers to succeed at reaching their performance goals. Athletes will progress through the competitive skiing pipeline with support from a full time CXC coach.

The typical training year beings May 1, however athletes can sign-up for the CXC Junior Development Program anytime throughout the year to coordinate an annual training plan.

Training as a member of the CXC Jr. Development Program means that one has expectations and goals to ski at a high level in the junior race circuit with goals that extend beyond high school skiing. In order to ski for an NCAA college in the United States, it is critical to have Junior National experience and to display professional training practices.

As such, program members are focused, goal-oriented and have the ability to communicate well with coaches.

Program support includes:

  • Customized training plan
  • Support at Midwest JNQs
  • Seasonal training camps
  • Fitness testing
  • Goal-mapping sessions
  • Gear management and selection

* There are four different levels of CXC Junior Development programming. Stipends and discounts for camps are available on individual basis. Please contact the coach for more details to see if you qualify for reduced rates.



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