An Update from Kyle Bratrud – CXC Team Athlete

As I have typically found this time of year, time has absolutely been flying by and the summer of 2017 is no exception. I have entered this season with one goal and one goal only. I want to make the 2018 Winter Olympics. I have now been to two World Championships for the US since the last Olympics, but somehow that all seems irrelevant when coming into this year with the desire to be proclaimed an Olympian.

That being said, as I have learned through my time working with Sten Fjeldheim at NMU, in order to accomplish my goal, I must first break it down into smaller steps.

Kyle Bratrud Rollerskiing 2017 in Marquette Michigan for the CXC Elite Team
Kyle Bratrud Rollerskiing 2017 in Marquette, Michigan

With the help of Andy Keller, we have developed a slightly different training plan than I have ever followed before. After years of making small mistakes here and there, we have eliminated everything we know does not work for me or any other “waste” I used to have. I am listening to my body more than I ever have before.

We have lowered the number of intensity sessions I am doing in a week while raising the quality resulting in a net gain in overall “on” time. Despite a nagging Achilles issue at the beginning of the summer, I am running more and faster than I ever have in the summer. In the strength room, I have a level of focus I have never had.

For the first time in my life, I do not want to leave the strength room and thoroughly enjoy my time in there. I am also discovering, for the first time in my career, how much I like to train alone. This time with myself allows me to fully evaluate my energy levels and focus solely on what I need to improve in myself.

Kyle Bratrud classic rollerskiing with the boys of the NMU team nordic skiing training for olympics marquette
Kyle Bratrud classic rollerskiing

I have one more big volume block left in the summer and then we will get in to my favorite kind of training, lots of intensity.

While I enjoy the “eat, train, sleep, repeat” grind, I am greatly looking forward to a fall where my energy will start to slowly rise and the workouts really start to matter.

I am fully aware every skier in America has a goal of making the Olympic team, but I remain extremely excited and confident to toe the line this winter and sort things out once and for all.


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