Update from Kyle Bratrud – CXC Team Athlete

It is time for another update from the exciting life of a professional skier. I say that of course, with quite a bit of sarcasm. I always get a good laugh when people ask me what I have been up to or what is new.

To be quite frank, very little changes from early spring until late fall in my life. I am simply grinding. My only calendar is my training log. I live from cycle to cycle, week to week, day to day, and sometimes even session to session. I have made my training the most important part of my day and at this stage, my life. Other than that, I have little concept of time at all.

I have purposely put myself in this hermit situation because it is the setting I thrive in and produce my best training and results. I am aware there are many other ways to be a full time skier and lots of “adventures” and “fun” to be had out there, but that is something I will not get into today.

I have now entered a noticeable shift in my training where I begin to cut down on volume and start focusing on higher intensity and walking around with a little spring in my step.

While I enjoy the monotony that is the summer volume grind, I will be happy to have some real energy again and rid myself of the zombie presence I have maintained the last few months.

This time of year is a truly exciting time as time trials begin to take place, hard workouts commence, and skiers more or less discover if their summer toils will lead them to the promise land or not. Unlike some of the past years, this year I KNOW my form is solid and I am even more excited to refine it further and prepare for my run at the Supertour.

Kyle Bratrud and Tad Elliott fighting for the win at a race.
I have included a picture of myself and my good buddy, Tad Elliot, in this blog. I am not much of a picture person and rarely take pictures while training, I guess because I am too busy training, so this is the best I can do.

I like this picture because Tad shares a lot of the same training philosophies as myself and I often chat with him if I am feeling less than confident in the way my training is going.

Skiing and rooming with Tad at the World Championships was an absolute pleasure and we are both on a mission to repeat the experience this year at the Olympics. That about wraps up my update. I take great joy out of the slow day by day transformation into a better version of myself.

With 117 days to go until the 15k Skate at US Nationals, there is still a lot of work to be done and when I update you next, I will simply be a few more cycles into my yearly plan and a few steps closer to the strong and efficient skier I am attempting to build.



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