Coaches and Clubs Update – November 3, 2017

Many areas in the region have seen enough snow to put on the skis and slide across golf courses fields and a few very well manicured trails. If you have been enjoying snow accumulation in your area, good for you and good luck continuing to enjoy it.

For those who have not had lasting accumulation, the word is that West Yellowstone is getting snow. If you are heading to West for the ski festival, the days are quickly counting down.

We wish you safe travels and great skiing when you get there!

Recently, I have been seeing many of you club leaders as I have traveled the region.  Some have asked for more information about our club or team membership.

This week I would like to focus the update on reminding each of your clubs/teams of the benefits of being a CXC member club or team.

Having your club or team a part of our organization helps us all be able to pull together in the same direction to improve our sport. Here are a few of our benefits:

  • Club development assistance and consultation, including a CXC “Hotline” (call or e-mail me to brainstorm and discuss issues facing your club)
  • Access to Central Cross Country Skiing and U.S. Ski & Snowboard Branded Training Apparel Including Club Logo
  • Use of CXC Center of Excellence High Performance Opportunities
  • Complimentary American Birkebeiner entries for your Club’s Certified Coaches
  • Fundraising swag packages
  • Regular Club news updates


Which benefits may be of great value for each club may differ, but all clubs will find befits in membership.

For those who have already become club members, thank you! For those of you who are part of a club or team who is not yet a CXC Member, we would encourage you to give CXC membership serious thought and join our ranks.

Whether you are a varsity HS team, a new community club or a long established thriving club we want you to be a part of what we are doing at CXC. 

For further information regarding this Clubs & Coaches Update, contact CXC Director of Athletics – Joe Haggenmiller.

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