CXC Marathon Cup Standings Announced

The last third of the CXC Marathon Cup is now in the books with the Birkie and the Great Bear Chase having had great conditions and exciting competitions.

Female Birkie highlights were veteran racer Caitlin Gregg winning her 5th Birkie and wrapping up the women’s overall CXC Marathon Cup Championship, while Jan Guenther and Bonnie Weiskopf each solidified their spots on the Marathon Cup podium with top 25 finishes.

Male Birkie highlights were Noquemanon Champion Kyle Bratrud sprinting to a 3rd place finish after breaking a pole early and skiing for 7ks with just one pole, while Matt Liebsch scored valuable points towards his Marathon Cup Championship with his top 25 finish.

Matt Liebsch

The Great Bear Chase Skiathlon set up to be the deciding race for the individual Marathon Cup Championships. However, the top 4 women did not race, leaving the door open for Deedra Irwin and Julie Ensrud to go 1-2 respectively and move into the top 10 overall. On the men’s side, 6 of the top 7 raced and all solidified their final ranking, with Matt Liebsch turning in another winning performance to take the overall Men’s Individual crown. Adam Mahar and Andrew Brown scored enough points in Calumet to land themselves on the podium.

In the Age Indexed standings, Matt Liebsch again prevailed for the Men, but Michael Mandli and John Bauer beat up on some of the younger whipper snappers and were 2nd and 3rd respectively. For women, the podium players stayed the same, but the age and wisdom of Jan Guenther paid off in winning the age indexed women’s championship, with Caitlin Gregg bringing home 2nd and Bonnie Weiskopf remaining in third.


For the season, Team Standings between Vakava Racing and LNR Lemons were close to take the championship from over 30 teams competing. Vakava won a close race in the men’s competition and the Lemons doubling up points in the women’s competition.

Individual, Age Indexed, and Team


CXC Marathon Cup

The races of the CXC Marathon Cup thank all their participants from this past year and will look forward to a little recovery time for their organizations before they gear up for next year’s events.

The CXC Marathon Cup encourages everybody to have a good summer of ski training and to come back next year ready for another exciting race series in 2019.

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