Clubs & Coaches Update: National Events and Dates


I hope each of you are enjoying spring activities and getting some vitamin D on the sunny days as they come.

I promised last week I would update you with National Events/Dates.

Here we go:


– They will be in Craftsbury, VT.

– Lodging at the outdoor center is full. Highland Lodge may be a good option about 15 minutes away. (Morrisville is 30 minutes and Stowe is 45 minutes.)

– For flying, Boston is 4 hours and Montreal is 2 hours away. Burlington may look like the logical option, but my personal experience tells me if you are flying with a team and large amounts of luggage getting you, your team and your luggage in and out may be dicey.

– Wax Cabins should be reserved by Sept. 1

– Website is

1/3 10/15 CL
1/4 CL SP
1/6 5/10/20/30 FS MS
1/8 FS SP


Trip leaders will be on top of full specifics for GLD and MW Teams and will announce logistics info in timely manners.

– 2019 JNs will be in Anchorage, AK at Kincaid Park March 9-17.

Monday 5/10k Ind. FS
Wed. CL SP
Friday Mass Start CL
Saturday FS Relay

– 2020 JNs will be in Truckee, CA at Auburn Ski Club (Boreal Alpine is at the same venue if you are trying to find it on google maps)

Mar 9 – 5/10k Ind. CL
Mar. 10 – FS SP
Mar. 12 – Mass Start FS
Mar. 13 – CL Relay

Note: these dates may be subject to change slightly based upon direction from the US Ski and Snowboard Junior Committee.


– They will be in Presque Isle, ME Mar 28-April 2, 2019.

I have not been to Presque Isle before. I hear it is similar to the UP of Michigan. Why, I’m not sure. I hear that once you get there the venue is a great place to race.

I believe they have private wax cabins on site. They may be free of charge.
Sorry, I don’t have more to update you on. If you need more info, you may want to ask a friend in Biathalon, as I think USBA gets there more often.


– 2020 US Nats have Central up in the rotation

– 2020 Spring Nationals (SuperTour Finals will be re-branded and each race will be a National Championship event): West or Alaska

– 2021 JNs will be in Central

– 2023 World University Games will be in Lake Placid, NY

That’s a lot of info for you. Catch you next time!

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