Clubs & Coaches Update: Insurance and Safe Sport

Hello all:

Some Congress updates to share with you:

1. As we start the new training year (and for most a new fiscal year is either here or right around the corner) your club should be reviewing its insurance coverage.

  • Are you covered for injuries at your programming/training sessions?
  • Are you covered for basic negligence by your club and its agents?
  • Do you have Directors and Officers coverage?
  • Are you doing anything unique that requires a special rider?
  • Is the US Ski and Snowboard Club Liability Insurance Program (CLIP) your club’s best option? (For under $15 per member you can insure many of your clubs highest risks.)

You should consult with an insurance expert to review your coverages and make sure your club is not self insuring something you do not want to self insure.

2. In the wake of the Larry Nasser abuse instances, the importance of being vigilant with safe sport and back ground checks is growing ever more critical. As clubs we need to examine our Safe Sport Practices and make this a priority.

Under Federal Law, any person in an organization who comes into regular contact with minors needs to be safe sport certified and have a background check. Your US Ski and Snowboard member Coaches, Officials, and Volunteers will have this training as part of their membership.

Individually, there may be a feeling Park City does little to help Cross Country Skiing at the grass roots level, here is an area where our National Governing Body is pulling their weight plus some. Not only does US Ski and Snowboard membership provide your Coaches, Officials and Volunteers many useful resources, this service is important and should be a selling point as you market your programing to parents.

3. SafeSport Training for Parents

Parent resources are here! Below, please find the links to access the free online parent training and the parent toolkit. All resources are available on the Safe Sport website. Please share this information with your members and their parents.

– Free online parent training:

– Complete Parent Toolkit:

4. If you are hosting NRL or FIS races, please work on your scheduling agreements sooner rather than later. Deadlines are:

– FIS/NRL Races – August 1
– NRL Races – October 1

If you need help in this regard, JJ Ehlers at US Ski and Snowboard can help. You can also call me for starters.

Joe Haggenmiller | Director of Athletics
U.S. Ski & Snowboard – Central Cross Country Skiing
Community Olympic Development Program

Phone: (906) 281-1214

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