CXC Cup Holiday Sprints – Elver Park, Madison (WI)

Dear parents,

Next weekend’s CXC Cup Holiday Sprints, produced by MadNorSki at Madison’s Elver Park, could be some of the most fun races of the season!

Thanks go CXC’s snowmaking, conditions are excellent with a rolling terrain race course and fun formats in store for the skate and classic technique sprints.

One of the most popular new formats is the ski cross (XCX), pioneered at the Youth Olympic Games, where skiers have the added fun of navigating snow-made obstacles on the course.

Here are thoughts from Wisconsin’s own, Bryan Fish of the US Ski Team:

Cross Country Cross (XCX) is an emerging FIS event. It is included in Youth Olympic Games and has been implemented in other nation’s junior racing, including Nordic Skiing stalwarts Norway, Italy, and Finland. It is also 1 of 3 races for Italian Jr National Championships.

Speed, technique and tactics are critical to develop at a young age.  These skills must be developed together for these skills to be transferred to the arena of competition. Head-to-head competition is the best environment for learning these skills.

XCX enhances the environment for learning the elements of speed, balance, acceleration, change of direction and race tactics – all skills needed in the other ski race disciplines. Endurance is often discussed as a critical element of XC skiing. It is, but speed and technique are precursors for long term success.

XCX is an excellent event to prepare and drive focus to the critical elements of developing speed, balance, technique and tactics in our next generation of racers.

Register your young skiers today for the December 22-23 Holiday Sprints at Elver Park!



The Holiday Sprint SkiX or XCX will be run as a FS sprint, with a qualifier and then heats of 6. The course will have a limited amount of elements to test not only a skier’s fitness, but also their agility. Expect 1 or 2 small drops similar to the recent world cup finals course in Quebec City, possibly some rollers on a downhill and possibly some snowboard cross gates to negotiate.
The elements presented will be tests of the type of things that athletes may encounter in either regular sprints or mass starts, it is just here the athletes will know the elements are coming. Given the newness of the format and anticipating tight racing in heats of 6, the elements will attempt to be on the mellow side of things making the competition a fair test and far from being a snowboard cross or red bull crashed ice event.

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