Record Crowd As CXC Cup Opens In Houghton

HOUGHTON, Mich. (Dec. 15, 2018) – Kjetil Stuge Baanerud (Northern Michigan University) and U20 skier Mara McCollor (Minneapolis Ski Club) came away with victories as the CXC Cup opened for the season on the Michigan Tech Trails in Houghton, Mich. Saturday. Northern Michigan ruled the day for the men, taking the top five places.

It was an excellent day for racing with good weather and excellent tracks for the classic opener of the CXC Cup, including the CXC Junior Cup and CXC Youth Cup. A new record of over 400 skiers took part across all age and gender classes.

Baanerud took a five second victory over teammate Zak Ketterson in the men’s 10k classic with Ian Torchia of NMU, who led at the halfway mark, finishing third another three seconds back. McCollor took a solid 18-second margin over second place Sarah Goble (Michigan Tech) with Nicole Schneier (Northern Michigan University) third.

“Everything was perfect for the CXC Cup opener,” said CXC’s Bruce Manske. “A big thank you goes to Michigan Tech and all the volunteers who helped to put together an awesome race.”

The CXC Cup is a season long series of racing produced by CXC Skiing. The CXC Cup features an open category for all athletes, along with CXC Junior Cup for U20/U18U16 athletes as well as the CXC Youth Cup for U14 and U12 skiers. CXC Cup races play a key role in team selection, including the U.S. Junior Nationals plus other teams.

In the CXC Junior Cup, U20 racer Reid Goble (Northern Michigan University) was the fastest junior over U18 athlete Alexander Nemeth (Loppet Nordic Racing). McCollor took both the overall CXC Cup and the CXC Junior Cup titles with her overall win.

U14 Johnny Nemeth (Loppet Nordic Racing) took the win in the 3k classic with a three second margin over U14 teammate Josh Frett. Margo Nightingale (Mounds Park Academy) took a solid win in the girl’s 3k classic.

Across all classes, Loppet Nordic Racing took four titles to three for the Minneapolis Ski Club. Loppet Nordic Racing took 12 podium spots.

Action will continue in the CXC Cup Sunday with freestyle racing. The tour then heads south to Madison, Wisconsin’s Elver Park for the Holiday Sprints Dec. 22-23.



Full Results:


CXC Junior Cup:

CXC Youth Cup:



Men’s 10k classic

  1. Kjetil Stuge Baanerud, Northern Michigan University, 26:25.8
  2. Zak Ketterson, Northern Michigan University, 26:30.6
  3. Ian Torchia, Northern Michigan University, 26:33.8

Women’s 5k classic

  1. Mara McCollor, Minneapolis Ski Club, 15:38.5
  2. Sarah Goble, Michigan Tech, 15:56.4
  3. Nicole Schneider, Northern Michigan University, 15:57.0



U20 Men’s 10k classic

  1. Reid Goble, Michigan Tech, 27:22.3
  2. Mark Ousdigian, Michigan Tech, 28:31.4
  3. Patrick Acton, Michigan Tech, 28:31.7

U18 Men’s 10k classic

  1. Alexander Nemeth, Loppet Nordic Racing, 28:29.9
  2. Henry Hall, Loppet Nordic Racing, 29:15.4
  3. James Schneider, Loppet Nordic Racing, 29:16.7

U16 Men’s 5k classic

  1. Victor Sparks, Loppet Nordic Racing, 14:49.9
  2. Caden Albrecht, Loppet Nordic Racing, 15:12.2
  3. Roger Anderson, Loppet Nordic Racing, 15:13.4

U20 Women’s 5k classic

  1. Mara McCollor, Minneapolis Ski Club, 15:38.5
  2. Luci Anderson, Loppet Nordic Racing, 16:13.8
  3. Hannah Bettendorf, College of St. Scholastica, 16:23.6

U18 Women’s 5k classic

  1. Elizabeth Tuttle, Loppet Nordic Racing, 16:33.2
  2. Emma Albrecht, Loppet Nordic Racing, 16:48.2
  3. Leah Rudd, Loppet Nordic Racing, 17:05.0

U16 Women’s 5k classic

  1. Molly Moening, Minneapolis Ski Club, 16:54.6
  2. Sudie Hall, Loppet Nordic Racing, 18:08.3
  3. Lauren McCollor, Wayzata Ski Club, 18:20.1



U14 Boy’s 3k classic

  1. Johnny Nemeth, Loppet Nordic Racing, 9:50.3
  2. Josh Frett, Loppet Nordic Racing, 9:53.7
  3. Hayden Zoll, South Suburban Training Group, 9:59.2

U12 Boy’s 2k classic

  1. Ethan Albrecht, Loppet Trail Kids, 7:48.0
  2. Eyob Yore, Loppet Trail Kids, 7:58.2
  3. Brock Bartol, Bay Nordic, 8:08.2

U10 Boy’s 2k classic

  1. Jennings Kern, Lakeland Nordic Ski Team, 11:26.6

U14 Girl’s 3k classic

  1. Margo Nightingale, Mounds Park Academy, 9:35.9
  2. Grace Kern, Lakeland Nordic Ski Team, 10:54.0
  3. Fran Peterson, 4591 Sports Development, 11:05.0

U12 Girl’s 2k classic

  1. Stella Meza, Lakeland Nordic Ski Team, 8:14.0

U10 Girl’s 2k classic

  1. Linnea Ousdigian, Loppet Trail Kids, 9:28.5

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