Clubs & Coaches Update: Wirth Super Tour and CXC Cup

Hello all,

I hope those of you who received some new snow recently are enjoying productive training at some of your favorite areas and that Birkie Fever has not set in yet.

For those with State (and Sectional in MN) HS Championships, good luck to you and your teams. Championship season is always exciting!!! Let’s hope for good conditions at each meet.

The Wirth Super Tour (aka The Mayor’s Challenge) is right around the corner. This event is also super exciting, as it is a World Cup Test event for the 2020 WC and also the MW Junior Cup Finale. Remember CXC Cup registration closes on Tuesday evening.

There has been a change in the schedule to allow different classes to run to completion.  

For schedule purposes and all the latest general race info, see the Loppet’s Mayor’s Challenge webpage at:

Also, as should be the usual practice for your club/team, please work on having a representative at Team Captains Meeting to get any last minute details and important instructions and updates.  Through the website, you can also request reserved team wax space, reservations are first come first serve.

With the new schedule, the Classic Races will have the Juniors running as a completely separate class on the trail by themselves.  This changes the need to disregard the CXC Cup Classic waxing rules for the Juniors. Disregard my prior email about the CXC Cup waxing protocol rules being dropped to follow the ST protocol.

For the Saturday Classic races the Juniors will follow the waxing restrictions we have had all season. Per the MW Junior Rules, No Powders, Blocks, or Liquids in the glide zones for Saturday’s race for the Juniors.

Please plan accordingly.

See you at Wirth,

Joe Haggenmiller | Sport Development Director
U.S. Ski & Snowboard – Central Cross Country Skiing

Phone: (906) 281-1214

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