CXC Rollerski Cup Returns for Second Season

The second annual CXC Rollerski Cup will roll off this November as a prelude to the 2019-20 ski season. The series will incorporate stops in Minneapolis, Wausau, Wis. and Blue Mounds, Wis. The races are open to all with points being tallied towards the CXC Rollerski Cup title.

The CXC Rollerski Cup began in 2018 with two events, now expanding to three with the inaugural Fastenal Parallel 45 Rollerski Loppet in Minneapolis. Each of the events is open to all, with scoring in the CXC Rollerski Cup series open to CXC members (membership types: junior, supporter, coach, volunteer, official or CXC Masters Team) who use organizer-provided Swenor matched set rollerskis.

The series opens Saturday, November 2 with the inaugural Fastenal Parallel 45 Rollerski Loppet in Minneapolis. It will be a bit of a prelude to the March 17 FIS World Cup sprint races with some top national team members anticipated to participate including Olympic champion Jessie Diggins. The race will take place in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, circling a full city block. All entrants are required to use matched set rollerskis provided by the organizers. The event is organized by the Loppet Foundation. It’s part of a weekend of cross country skiing activities around the Twin Cities including CXC SuperFit Weekend at Pioneer Midwest featuring CXC native and World Cup skiers Kyle Bratrud and Matt Liebsch.

A week later on Saturday, November 9, the series heads to Wausau, Wis. at the Grinding Up Granite hill climb. Only the skate race will count towards the series. Ski use is open but CXC Rollerski Cup points can only be gained with organizer-provided matched set skis. The 5k hill climb course has 152 meters of vertical.

The CXC Rollerski Cup wraps up on Saturday, November 16 in beautiful Brigham Couty Park near Blue Mounds just west of Madison, Wis. for the Up, Up and Away 10k hill climb. Both skate and classic race categories are offered, with CXC Rollerski Cup points coming only from the 10k skate race. The event is organized by the Madison Nordic Ski Club. As with other events, points for CXC Rollerski Cup require use of organizer-provided matched set skis.



Sat., Nov. 2 – Fastenal Parallel 45 Rollerski Loppet, Minneapolis

Sat., Nov. 9 – Grinding Up Granite, Wausau, Wis.

Sat., Nov. 16 – Up, Up and Away, Brigham State Park, near Blue Mounds, Wis.

CXC Rollerski Cup Scoring
Place Points Place Points Place Points
1 200 11 100 21 52
2 180 12 95 22 49
3 160 13 90 23 46
4 150 14 85 24 43
5 140 15 80 25 40
6 130 16 75 26 37
7 120 17 70 27 34
8 115 18 65 28 31
9 110 19 60 29 28
10 105 20 55 30 25

* points after 30th place drop by 1 point for each place



The competitors race only in an individual category. Even though the races are a part of a series, the competitors do not have to enter all individual races in order to be included in the overall ranking. The only condition for the overall standings consideration is a CXC membership (membership types: junior, supporter, coach, volunteer, official or CXC Masters Team).

Only the main event counts towards the overall standings. To be counted in the standings, competitors are required to use rollerskis provided by the organizer and they will be checked upon entering the start. Non compliance with the use of the provided roller skis will result in disqualification from the race.

The overall results are determined by the sum of the points acquired from individual races. The competitors assume and accept the risk of injury upon the registration and entry to the race. All competitors are required to comply with traffic laws and to wear a helmet. In case of departure from the established course, competitor is required to re-enter at the same place of previous departure or risking a disqualification.

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