Clubs & Coaches Update: Mitigating COVID-19 Risk

Coaches and Club Leaders:

Hopefully, each of you are taking serious steps to mitigate COVID risk while offering some reasonably safe summer programing for athletes in your club.

While a thorough plan, risk assessment and education process can help to mitigate many of the risks associated with COVID-19, none of us can guarantee against the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and there will always be underlying, inherent risks of transmission if an athlete and their family chooses leave the relative safety of their own home to participate.

At CXC, we have been lucky to have Dr. Michael Uihlein partner with us as part of our event planning committee.  Mike has shared his experience as an ER physician and being a team Physician for USA Sledge Hockey.  With his assistance, we have put together mitigation plans for on-site REG and Dream Camps.  Families have found our plans to offer them comfort in potentially allowing one of their children to attend our camps.

Our On-Site Camps will be step one in assessing and mitigating risk for our winter race season.

With the time we have put into preparing, we would like to share our work with each of your clubs so you can have some materials to reference, especially as we potentially have another transition here from summer training to back to school time training.

Here are links to our documents to discuss with in your clubs:


Be vigilant in keeping your athletes safe and good luck in continuing to navigate these challenging times.

Joe Haggenmiller, CXC Sport Development Director

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