Wayne Fish Coaches Conference and Certification Changes

Coaches and Club Leaders,

Mark the weekend of October 16-18, 2020 on your calendar for CXC Wayne Fish Coaches Conference and Certification.

We will aim to offer you a great program as always, including L100 material with the steps toward certification. For those already L100 certified, we will have a plethora of topics to help you think critically about your programs and the coaching you are doing. However, in these times, we will be going virtual. We will miss the face to face interaction with each of you, but hope that the ability to attend from home will be helpful for you and your colleagues.

When the full itinerary is finalized we will update you the presenters we have lined up and the full schedule.
As we think about coaches education, we should all be aware that US Ski & Snowboard Cross Country Coaches Certification is undergoing changes to curriculum and platforms. At CXC, we are striving to continue to offer you opportunities this fall to enhance your coaching skill and knowledge through both the L100 certification option and for those certified we will have informative thought provoking continuing education presentations.

We will submit your attendance at continuing education presentation to USS&S for continuing education credit.  
As we transition, this fall our past one day clinics will have a new focus and timing. The one day clinics will be limited to the L100 in the field workshop with practical experience, which will now have an evaluation of your coaching portfolio and coaching skills and with respect to drills, technique, communication, etc.  Feedback from the new portfolio step and in the field sessions has been that the two sections have become much more valuable. L100 is also no longer going to simply be a manual to read. It will be going to interactive modules. I suspect overall the time involved with becoming certified is going to increase a bit, but a certified coach should feel they have developed more skills as a result of the changes.
This fall, the route to L100 certification in the Central Region will be:

    1.    Purchase your CXC/US Ski & Snowboard Membership
    2.    Get green-lighted by membership:

    •    Sign Up for a Background Check
    •    Complete your Safe Sport Training
    •    Complete your Avalanche Training
    •    Provide proof of current First Aid/CPR Certification (you will need to take course on your own, we recommend looking at on-line options)
    •    Any other miscellaneous items membership items that may come up on your dashboard

    3.    Complete the Fast Start Coaching Modules and Exam
    4.    Virtually Attend the CXC Coaches Conference L100 Lectures;
    5.    Complete the US Ski and Snowboard L100 OnLine Modules (may be done pre Coaches Conference);
    6.    Complete your Portfolio
    7.    Complete Your In the Field In Person Experience with a CXC Coach Developer:

    •    In the Field In Person Experiences will be offered after the coaches conference at sites in different areas of the region based upon L100 sign ups through the Virtual Coaches Conference.
    •    Evaluations will be completed post experience, shared with the candidate and sent to USS&S’ education department. 

    8.    Complete the L100 Exam

Unfortunately, this fall L200 is still being updated, and it will not be available until the curriculum update is complete.  Once it is updated and goes to portions using online modules, etc. It will be able to be completed in different time frames than just at our fall Coaches Conference.  The future route to L200 should look similar to the new L100 route.  For those who were hoping to complete L200 this fall, please be patient and plan to join us for the great continuing education sessions.
We hope to have many of you join us for the Wayne Fish Coaches Conference. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Joe Haggenmiller  | CXC Director of Sport Development

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