Now Enrolling – CXC Jr. Development Program

Middle and high school is an important time to establish proper technique, effective training habits and to get exposure at local and national ski competitions.

The CXC Junior Development Program is designed to add additional training and race support for athletes ages 15 to 18 years old who are involved in a local club program and are looking for extra coaching to back their skiing goals.

The CXC Junior Development Program offers a customizable and interactive annual training plan supplemented with:

  • seasonal sports
  • fitness testing and screening
  • training camps throughout the summer and winter
  • race support at the Midwest Junior National Qualifiers

The vision of the program is to promote an environment for motivated junior cross country skiers to succeed at reaching their performance goals. Athletes will progress through the competitive skiing pipeline with support from a full time CXC coach.

The typical training year beings May 1, however athletes can sign-up for the CXC Junior Development Program anytime throughout the year to coordinate an annual training plan.

Training as a member of the CXC Jr. Development Program means that one has expectations and goals to ski at a high level in the junior race circuit with goals that extend beyond high school skiing. In order to ski for an NCAA college in the United States, it is critical to have Junior National experience and to display professional training practices.

As such, program members are focused, goal-oriented and have the ability to communicate well with coaches.

Program support includes:

  • Customized training plan
  • Support at Midwest JNQs
  • Seasonal training camps
  • Fitness testing
  • Goal-mapping sessions
  • Gear management and selection

* There are four different levels of CXC Junior Development programming. Stipends and discounts for camps are available on individual basis. Please contact the coach for more details to see if you qualify for reduced rates.



Available Now – (B)STRONG Strength Training System

Blood Flow Restriction Training

The (B)STRONG Strength Training System uses wraps placed around arms and/or legs to manipulate the body’s circulatory system in combination with light-weight exercise to achieve training results similar to high intensity strength training.

As a training method, it is beneficial in producing muscular adaptations with lower loads and lower volumes than comparable resistance training.

(B)STRONG Co-Founder Dr. James Stray-Gundersen is a world-renowned physiologist and physician sought for his expertise in maximizing athletic performance, nutrition, fitness and wellness, and Blood Flow Restriction and altitude training. He is the co-author of the award-winning altitude study “Live High/Train Low,” which has proven to be the foundation of new paradigms in athletic training and is recognized by the US Olympic Committee (USOC) for its influence on human performance.

With your purchase, you will get:

  • 2 belts, arms OR legs
  • 1 hand pump
  • carrying case
  • sport specific exercise videos
  • 1 personal license* for the guidance app

* (B)STRONG guidance app comes with video instructions and follow along tutorials that will teach you the basics of (B)STRONG training. The app will also customize your pressure recommendations and walk you through basic exercises.





2017 CXC Awards Presentation and Dinner

The Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC) will recognize community leaders and friends at the annual CXC Awards Presentation and Dinner as part of the 2017 CXC Congress.

Saturday, April 29th at 6:00 PM 
Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire (WI)


John Hugus Leadership Award
Ben Popp, American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation – Hayward (WI)

Igor Badamshin Coach of the Year Award
Kris Hansen, Stillwater Nordic Ski Team – Stillwater (MN)

Wayne Fish Volunteer of the Year Award
Joe Kelsey, Cable (WI)

Tony Wise Lifetime Achievement Award
Ahvo Taipale, Finn Sisu- St. Paul (MN)

Photo Credit: Joe Lazenby and

Awards will be presented by keynote speaker Kyle Bratrud.

Kyle, member of the CXC Team, is a great example of the successful path through the Midwest developmental pipeline. Kyle’s humble beginnings started as many young skiers’ do at the high schools level, then onto club and NCAA collegiate racing and now as a professional athlete where he has represented the United States at:

– 2013 Junior World Championships
– 2015 and 2016 U23 World Championships
– 2015 and 2017 World Championships and World Cups

“At the Central Cross Country Ski Association, we strive to provide the best programs for the continued growth and development of cross country skiing. We believe in fostering the principles of excellence, ethical conduct and fair play for participants of all ages and abilities from introductory experience to international excellence. To make this vision a reality, we depend on leaders at all levels of the development pipeline within our ski community, to believe it, support and promote our vision,” – commented Yuriy Gusev, CXC’s Executive and Athletic Director

  • Admission to the event is free. Dinner tickets are available to purchase for $25 per ticket. 
  • Visit CXC website for more information about CXC Congress.

Trail Kids Summer Program

MadNorSki Trails Kids is a summer and fall program that is designed to promote outdoor active adventures for children ages 6-14 years old.

Youth outdoor enthusiasts enjoy activities including mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, adventure running, and cross country skiing.

This program is affiliated with Trail Kids Midwest initiative and provides young outdoor adventure-seekers the opportunity to try a variety of summer endurance sport-based activities.

Dates: June 20-August 17
Locations: Seminole Bike Trails and Eagle Elementary School
Time: Tuesdays, 6-7 pm
Cost: $140


CXC Spotlight: CXC Summer Residency Program

For college and post collegiate skier with aspirations to further their skiing career, summer training is a critical element in reaching one’s full potential. Aside from the obvious components for effective dryland training – a solid training plan, an attentive coach and safe yet challenging training terrain, the summer residency program is unique in that athletes eat, train, live and even study together which creates a supportive, focused and overall positive training environment.

Often when skiers end the school year or graduate from their team they have a great training plan to follow, but more often than not, are left to do so by themselves. Without a group of like-minded peers to motivate, push and inspire one another, even the best training plan and intentions to put in hard work can be stifled.

The CXC Summer Residency Program takes this drawback out of the equation. 


Since 2007, CXC has held summer residency programs in conjunction with the CXC Team summer training in Cable, Wisconsin. After a successful transition in 2016, the residency program has been able to continue to Marquette, Michigan.

Switching the location to Marquette has allowed program members to live in a college town that is equipped with ideal training terrain for running, roller skiing, mountain and road biking while giving skiers the opportunity to continue their education and take classes for college credit if they desire. 

“Our goal is to fill the gap for athletes who are looking for an environment with support and resources that will prepare them for the college race season. The city of Marquette is home to a lot of strong athletes who work together to create a high level training environment…and the results in the winter show for it.” – said CXC Team Coach Andy Keller.

What really sets this specific program apart from others, not only in the Midwest, but also in the United States, is that it allows any athlete participating at the college level or taking a gap year to access a high level training group and provides everything they need to live a balanced lifestyle including food, lodging, continued college education at in-state tuition prices and Olympic training facilities all on one campus, without requiring a qualification process or special invitation. The goal of the program is to develop serious skiers so that they can reach their potential.

“This program will give individuals the chance to train at a top level with other high caliber athletes,” said Keller. “Through this program, athletes will find out what it takes and the training that needs to happened to achieve success.”


From June 13th through August 16th each athlete will be given a clear and concise training plan that caters to them individually in order to improve upon fitness, technique and strength, while complimenting any training plan they may already have in place with their respective club and/or team coaches.


If interested in registering or reserving a spot for this Marquette Training Group please contact Andy Keller at




Inaugural CXC Congress

April 28-30, Eau Claire (WI) – Central Cross Country Ski Association will host educational workshops for club leaders focused on fundraising, host sport committee meetings and recognize some of the organization’s top coaches, volunteers and community leaders at the Annual Awards Dinner.

Committee Meetings:

– Midwest Junior Committee
– Great Lakes Junior Committee
– Central Collegiate Ski Assn.

– WI Nordic Ski League
– CXC Youth Committee
– CXC Popular Events Committee

CXC CONGRESS: Schedule / Presenters / Registration

CXC Congress is scheduled to take place April 28-30, with special guests in attendance. All presentations and meetings will take place at the Metropolis Resort, Eau Claire (WI), free to attend and open to the public.

* CXC Congress Packet and tickets to Awards Dinner can be purchased online.

CXC Congress is an opportunity for organizational partners, coaches and officials to evaluate and plan for the coming season.



3:00 PM – Effective Fundraising Presentation: Donors & Stewardship
4:00 PM – Effective Fundraising Presentation: Grant Writing
5:00 PM – Effective Fundraising Presentation: Special Events
6:00 PM – Organizing Capital Campaign (Round Table Discussion)

8:00 AM – Presentation: Club Development and Key Elements of Successful Clubs
10:00 AM – Midwest Junior Committee Meeting
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Youth Committee Meeting (Learn to Train phase)
1:00 PM – Central Collegiate Ski Association (CCSA) Meeting
2:30 PM – Trail Kids Meeting
3:00 PM – Popular Events Committee Meeting
3:00 PM – Officials and Technical Delegate (TD) Intro/Q&A
3:00 PM – CXC/USSA Technique Clinic (accepted for Level 100 Coaches Certification)
3:00 PM – Youth Committee Meeting (FUNdamentals and Active Start phases)
6:00 PM – Awards Dinner

8:00 AM – Popular Event Committee Meeting
8:00 AM – Great Lakes Junior Committee Meeting
10:00 AM – WI Skiwerx Award
10:00 AM – WI Nordic Ski League Meeting
12:00 PM – Lunch




Camps for Skiers Ages 14-19

Plan to Progress

The 2017 CXC Open Summer Camp Series schedule is set for the upcoming dry-land training season.

The camps are designed to bring committed athletes from collaborating teams and clubs together to train for extended periods during the spring, summer and fall.

Each camp fee includes room, board, coaching, presentations and informational seminars with guest speakers. At each camp, skiers train with like-minded peers while receiving one-on-one attention from USSA/CXC Level 100 and 200 certified coaches to improve endurance, technique skills, strength, and overall fitness.

Each camp features two workouts each day along with other social activities and group games. In the past camps have integrated unique outdoor activities such as canoeing, biking, swimming and more.  

The goal for each camp is to have those in attendance leave with a sense of the requirements needed to improve their skiing skills, reach their performance potential and execute a smart training plan. Each camp will have a specific training focus including strength, volume and intensity while still maintaining all elements of ski training.

For further information regarding the Summer Open Camp Series, contact Karmen Whitham, (802) 733-6362.