Instructions to Coaches and Parents on Posting to the WNSL E-Mail List

Wisconsin Nordic Ski League (WNSL) is the governing body for all the middle school and high school Nordic ski teams in the State of Wisconsin.

If you want to receive email updates and information from the Wisconsin Nordic Ski League (WNSL) or be able to send emails to the list, please use the following link to add yourself to the “WNSL Email List”:

To send a message to WNSL Mailing list:

  • In the “To” field, add – if you want, you can also add recipients in the “cc” and “bcc” fields.
  • Add a subject.
  • Write your message.

PS: You also need to have in your address book/contact list, as an approved sender, – otherwise, the messages are likely to go to your SPAM.

State Meet Planning Update – Review for Coaches Meeting

Here is some advance information regarding the State Meet planning and some proposed changes we are anticipating putting into place this year. I’ll highlight some of the changes here and if you have questions, please send them back to me. I don’t intend to “replay all” to the questions, but rather, make sure I address those questions at the meeting. The changes we are looking at are based on the feedback provided by the survey conducted at the conclusion of the meet last year.

Awards: The plan is to give out all awards at the race venue following the conclusion of the MS and HS portions of the race on Both days. There will be no evening awards on Saturday. Also, there will be no group dinner or banquet planned. The presentations will take place outdoors in front of the spectator viewing area.

Ice Cream Social: This will be moved to the Great Hall and done near the end of competition on Saturday. This once again has been graciously provided by Apple Awards and Dennis Smith.

Coaches Awards: These awards will be presented prior to the Coaches Meeting at the Great Hall on Friday. Recognition at the race venue may also be provided during awards as an announcement as well.

Race Schedule: The race schedule will be flipped to Classic first this year. So Saturday is Classic day and Sunday is Freestyle day. Also, and this is a big departure from the past, the Middle School will run first on Sunday morning. We have also looked to consolidate the running of the races, especially Sunday, to allow for more travel time home for the long distance teams. Of course, that schedule is impacted by things like number of competitors in each race and if we have to incorporate a break into the schedule. I’ll discuss race course in a bit, but the current schedule anticipates a single start without a break for each race.

Trail: We have been working with Jim Soukup on a different trail layout for the HS races. Right now, we are looking at a course that runs out to the Power Line and back along another trail. The total distance we have currently is a bit long so we are trying to see how we can pare that down to meet the State Meet maximum of 7.5K. Right now, we are closer to 8.5K and feel that will not be acceptable. The new trail does cover some of the course we ran on last year, but the new additions look to make it more technical which many commented was missing on last year’s course.. Some of you may be familiar with these trails as much of the return loop runs into the Telemark property. Much of this course is also anticipated to be used for the Junior Cup (JNQ) races except that we will take out some even more challenging terrain that is not as appropriate for our group. The Middle School course is anticipated to be the same as last year. Copies of the proposed courses are attached but please keep in mind that we will be changing things yet as we need to shorten the HS course a bit.

Great Hall: First, the Great Hall has undergone a few improvements, most noticeably, a ceiling has been dropped in and is insulated above it to make it a little more usable as a people gathering site. The building will once again house ski waxing and concessions. For waxing, we will not be allowed to put anything on the floor to protect it from wax – fire code reasons. Teams will be asked to clean their areas after each session. Because of space limitations, teams will not be allowed to use the concession area as a bag drop zone. Teams should plan accordingly if they want a place outdoors with a tent or other accommodations. . There will be a changing area constructed for the athletes within the Great Hall.

Live Streaming: We are planning to live stream the races on the Internet using the CXC production capabilities for this purpose. So for those who cannot make the trip, we hope to put on a fairly decent production that will include commentary and graphics (just like the big boys) to provide a very watchable experience.

That should be enough to get us going and hopefully this preliminary information will be helpful in facilitating a good conversation on Sunday. Again, shoot me your questions which I will attempt to answer on Sunday.



John Burke
Performance Timing, LLC
5907 Old Coach Road
Wausau, WI 54401

Marwe Rollerskis for Sale – Igor Legacy Camp Special

As a result of a great Igor Legacy Camp sponsorship, Finnsisu has offered to sell 10 pairs of Marwe COMBI Rollerskis at a camp special price: $375.00 includes either NNN or SNS bindings.

These rollerskis are in perfect condition, with very little wear; in fact, they look brand new.

Bruce Manske Igor Camps

Contact Bruce Manske for details:

Scholarships Are Available For First Time Skiers In The 2018 Kortelopet


We want you all to know WINN (Wisconsin Nordic Network) is again offering Scholarships which cover the entrance fee into the Kortelopet (or Birkie if 18 y/o and new to the event) in February 2018. Please send in all info about each applicant so we can send you a discount code for each. Scholarships are only available to first time participants in the event.

Send the following info to and

  • First name of skier
  • Last name of skier
  • Age on race day
  • Team in WNSL the skier skis with
  • School the skier attends
  • Coach phone number
  • Coach email
  • Grade in school
  • Event the skier will do (Birkie or Korte)
  • Did this skier have a Scholarship into 2017 Event – Yes or No

If you could get this info into a spreadsheet with all your scholarship recipients listed and send it to myself and Phil Johnsrud that would be very helpful. If you only have one or 2 nominees then it is fine to have it keyed into an email – whatever is easiest for you is fine.

Please be sure to let us know if any of your recipients needs to cancel before the race so we can remove them from the list of skiers WINN pays for.

Thanks for participating in the WINN Youth Kortelopet Scholarship Program!

We are always looking for donors to support this program – Last year the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation gave us a significant grant – which helps a lot – but the main support for the program comes from individual donors – please encourage all potential donors to send money – $60 puts a kid on scholarship. Or send me contact info for potential donors and I can reach out to them.

Mail donations to:
2907 Farm View Court
Waukesha WI 53188

Anne Riendl
WINN Treasurer – Volunteer Supporter of the WINN Youth Kortelopet Scholarship Program


Scholarship Opportunities to Wisconsin Nordic Teams or Clubs

by Bruce Manske, CXC Community Olympic Development Program Director

I am excited to announce that the WISCONSIN NORDIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP is offering three scholarships of $750.00 each to Wisconsin Nordic teams or clubs that connect with their community and schools with the CXC Nordic Rocks for Schools Program.

The CXC Nordic Rocks for Schools program has a proven history; the program is truly the very first step in the Nordic pipeline; the skis are easy to use during a typical school physical education class, and introduce children to skiing in a safe environment with their friends and teachers. One of the 2017-18 program goals is to connect Nordic teams and clubs to the ‘Nordic Rocks’ schools. This connection will assure skill progression and development, as well as support the growth of teams and clubs.

Thanks to the WISCONSIN NORDIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP, schools are able to enroll in the ‘Nordic Rocks’ program at a very affordable cost.

If you are interested in bringing the CXC Nordic Rocks for Schools program to your community, please contact Bruce Manske for additional information.

The 2017-18 ‘Nordic Rocks’ skis will be 120 cm long; the skis include an upgraded binding/buckle system and an anti-slip strip below the heel area. New for the upcoming season is an addition of adjustable aluminum ‘Nordic Rocks’ ski poles (90-130 cm) for schools and clubs interested in after-school programs and club development, and taking the next step in teaching the skill and technique progressions of cross country skiing.

Due to the upgraded in ski quality, the value of a classroom set of 30 pairs of skis will be $3,300.00 during the 2017-18 season; poles can be added to a program for $25.00 per pair. To help keep the Nordic Rocks program sustainable, I typically suggest each school to pay $1,500.00 – $3,300.00 to meet the CXC matching grant commitments; sometimes, this funding comes from PTA’s, local businesses, clubs, or grants.

The WISCONSIN NORDIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP will provide three scholarships of $750.00 each to Wisconsin Nordic teams or clubs that connect with their community and schools with the CXC Nordic Rocks for Schools program to help offset funding concerns.

Bruce Manske will coordinate the scholarships, the club and school connections, and the delivery of the “Nordic Rocks’ equipment and resources to selected communities.

For more information, and to apply for the WISCONSIN NORDIC DEVELOPENT GROUP scholarships, please contact Bruce Manske.