American Birkebeiner Training Plan With TrainingPeaks

CXC has partnered with TrainingPeaks to bring a quality training plan that leads through and up to the major marathon events in the Midwest this season.

Devised for the multi-sport master and citizen skier, the American Birkebeiner Training Plan is for anyone interested in an easy-to-follow training calendar to get ready for the most important races of the season. Each day is complete with coach’s notes that provide tips and tricks on how to maximize each workout or rest day, to reach one’s highest performance potential.

Log your workouts, plan and analyze your training.
Accessible on an iPhone, Android, or the web.



If followed correctly, this plan is designed to stress and/or recover the body at specific times throughout the season so racers will feel their best when it matters most. With additional information on how to execute a taper properly, skiers have access to gain all the resources needed to race fast at the most important races. With an easy-to-follow layout, TrainingPeaks allows the user to log workouts and plan or analyze training on iPhone, Android, tablet or a personal computer.


Demonstration videos accompany each session to help coach skiers through a number of workouts. This visual component enables the user to feel confident in executing each session efficiently. For further individual questions, a link to FAQs is available to answer questions around the clock.


The American Birkebeiner Training Plan builds from early November, and concludes on the Birkie, February 25th, 2017.

Though the plan has begun for the 2016-2017 season, it is not too late to join the program and still retain a training effect to prepare for the most important races of the season. Users who join the program throughout November, simply begin to follow the plan on any day of the week, and continue the season with the prescribed workouts. Users who wish to utilize the training plan starting in December should contact CXC to consult with a coach to alter the program in a way that will work best for the remaining season.

If a change in training plan volume is required due to some schedule, work or other conflicts, users are encouraged to make training plan adjustments and consult CXC coaching staff via email. 

NEW! Birkie Training Plan with Training Peaks

17-Week Birkie Training Plan

Available through TrainingPeaks, the American Birkebeiner training plan builds from early November, and concludes on the Birkie, February 25th, 2017.

Log your workouts, plan and analyze your training.
Accessible on an iPhone, Android, or the web.



The plan is designed for multi-sport master and citizen skiers interested in participating in the American Birkebeiner and other marathon events.


Coach’s Notes

Complementing each workout are coach’s notes that provide tips, encouragement, advice and other additional suggestions to consider implementing to create a training plan that works best for you!


Questions? Get in touch.

April 18th Highlights the Beginning of a New Training Season

The standard CXC Academy Subscriptions remain the same as seen in previous years, with the addition of new workouts, training tips and videos.

U.S. Ski Team Development Coach, Bryan Fish breaks down the steps athletes should go through at the beginning of a new training season, as well as how to gradually get back into training after spring.




The Personal Coaching Program adds the human element, connecting you with the CXC coaching staff in person.

Individuals will be assigned to a personal CXC/USSA Level 200 coach who will develop an individual training plan and give monthly training evaluation and adjustments if needed. Members will have unlimited email communication with the coach, as well as weekly phone calls to go over training-related questions. The coach will also provide weekly video analysis through remote video upload. The membership also includes a CXC Academy annual subscription, access to CXC Masters Team training camps as well as marathon wax support service during the race season.



The CXC Endurance Center opened its doors two years ago. With a rollerski treadmill, stationary bikes, and traditional treadmills, we are able to conduct VO2 Max tests, Blood Lactate Analysis, fine tune ski technique and much more.

Start off the season right with a physiological assessment at the CXC Endurance Center!


What is CXC Academy?

screen-shot-2015-12-28-at-2-55-42-pmCXC Academy is an online subscription service that provides professional training plans for cross country skiers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner skier looking to finish your first 5K, a Master skier training for a big ski event, or simply looking to improve your overall strength and fitness, we have a training program to meet your goals. 

Regardless of the skiing background, everyone can make use of CXC Academy. Skiers or ski coaches, new to advanced – our program can help you develop better skiing technique, improve skiing fitness, design ski workouts and skiing practices.

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