Ski Racer & Weekend Warrior Update

We hope you, our membership, are staying warm during this holiday deep freeze and still able to enjoy some skiing. Hopefully, we will see above 0 temps for a whole day and night soon. For those of you not living in International Falls, MN take solace in the relative warmth you have. Let’s hope the New Year brings us fantastic skiing conditions in all corners of our region from Pennsylvania to the Dakotas.


Supporters, Parents and Spectators

We would like to remind you that at ski races the courses are usually closed to you skiing on them while the races are going on.  Please respect the training each of the racers has put in to prepare for race day and refrain from skiing on the courses while the race is in progress.  Being on foot to the side of the race course encouraging racers is welcome by all.  Bring all the cowbells you want.  Celebrate the race!!!  Do it right.

Two really important reminders for you:

  • Do not skate ski on a classic race trail with “best line tracks”.  Each race organization who prepares “best line tracks” has taken significant time to groom the race trails to give the racers a quality track, skating, even carefully over the course degrades the tracks.
  • Do not ski backwards on a race trail.  Those racing should not have to dodge spectators skiing at them.  Follow these two reminders and we should have better competition conditions.

For those of you supporting our athletes, a huge thank you to you!!!  As you are cheering, remember what the race is about, the racers on the course challenging themselves.  If you remember these things, it will help our race organizers give spectators more freedom to access the courses to cheer and reduce the need to tightly control race courses with a high security presence.



As we ease into 2018, we hope that many of you are enjoying some training for the CXC Marathon Cup and World Masters.

The World Masters, MWC2018 is coming to the the USA and the Central Region. For those of you over 30, this is a great chance to challenge yourself while having a great time in the Twin Cities in less than a month.

Here is some more information about the opportunity:

  • This the first Masters World Cup to be held in the USA since 2008, and it’ll be probably another decade before it returns.
  • Registation is open only until January 6. 
  • There is NO qualification process. The only requirement is joining American XC Skiers (via  which will provide benefits every master skier will enjoy all the way until Fall 2018 (so it’s a killer deal!).
  • Yes, there really are ALL abilities of skiers doing the MWC just like the Birkie. Everyone really is welcome.
  • You can register for any three races offered for your age/gender group. Some folks can do a full slate in just 2 days!
  • For serious racers, you simply can’t claim you’ve done it all in XC skiing until you’ve been part of Masters World Cup events. Unlike the Birkie or other Midwest marathons, this is going toe-to-toe with just the best guys nationally and internationally in your age group.
  •  For casual skiers, the MWC offers a chance to be part of a big international celebration without hassles. The starts are civilized, you meet skiers just like yourself from around the world, the distances give you lots of different experiences. You will be amazed how much fun this will be!



Besides Masters World Cup, get fired up and challenge yourself to a few CXC Marathon Cup races, or all 6.

The CXC Marathon Cup starts Jan 13th at the Seeley Hills Classic, continues with the Noquemanon Jan 27th, the City of Lakes Skate Loppet Feb 4th on Super Bowl weekend, the Mora Vasaloppet Feb. 10th, the Birkie Feb 24th, and culminates at the Great Bear Chase Mar 10.


If you make it to a CXC Marathon Cup Race, do not hesitate to say hello to the CXC staff on site. If you want to join a training group, the CXC Masters Team still has openings.

Coaches and Clubs Update – August 14, 2017

Here is your latest CXC update for Coaches and Clubs.

1. US Ski & Snowboard has updated their Training System Matrix. Please check this link to stay up to date with their revisions: (look for the “USSA Training System Matrix” box and click on “Cross Country”)

2. The 2017 CXC/Wayne Fish Coaches Certification and Conference is coming together quite nicely. We are pleased to announce Ivan Babikov as our key presenter. Ivan was a World Cup Racing veteran with many top 10 performances for his adopted homeland of Canada. Since retiring from World Cup Racing he has taken over as the Canadian National Ski Team’s Head Coach and his charges have continued their momentum on the world stage with many top results last year, including Alex Harvey’s Gold Medal in the 50K at the Lahti World Championships. Join us to hear Ivan’s perspectives on training and technique.

We are also pleased to announce we will be adding an officials educational component to the weekend.

Save the date on your calendar now – October 20-22, 2017:

3. Coming this Fall we will supplement our Wayne Fish Coaches Education Conference with Shorter Coaches Clinics in a few spots throughout the region. If you are interested in hosting one of these “local” clinics at your facility, please reach out and let us know when you may have facility availability. We would like to spread about a half dozen of these out and have one reasonably close to each of our denser skiing areas as well as some of our more remote while still centrally located spots. We would like to hear of your interest in attending as well.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer before the various school years start!!!

Joe Haggenmiller

Joe Haggenmiller | Director of Athletics
Central Cross Country Skiing
Community Olympic Development Program

Phone: (906) 281-1214

Coaches and Clubs Update – August 3, 2017

Hello Coaches and Club Leaders:

1. Don’t forget to use your CXC Academy subscription that comes with your CXC membership:

2. If you haven’t heard, Birkie Waves are filling fast. Level 100 and 200 Member Coaches of CXC Clubs have the benefit of a Complimentary Birkie entry. Make sure you have renewed your memberships and get your Birkie entry before your wave fills:

3. A few clubs have made a visit to the CXC Center of Excellence in the past month and made use of the physiological testing and the rollerski treadmill. Getting your athletes on the Rollerski Treadmill is a great opportunity to work on technique. We would like to invite all clubs to join us in Madison:

Please reach out to schedule a session:

4. Do you have cool stuff going on with your programing? If you wish to promote your club with a takeover of our CXC Instragram account, we would like to have you take it over for a day. Feel free to contact us in this regard.



1. CXC Open Camp / Ironwood, MI / August 4-10

2. Igor Legacy Camp / Ironwood, MI / August 11-13

3. Open Citizen Technique Camps / Cable, WI / August 18-20

I hope to see you on the trails soon.

Joe Haggenmiller

Joe Haggenmiller | Director of Athletics
Central Cross Country Skiing
Community Olympic Development Program

Phone: (906) 281-1214


Clubs and Coaches Update – July 2017

Hello everyone,

From all of us at Central Cross Country Skiing, we hope the start of the 2017-2018 season has gotten off to a great start for you and your programs. Some of you may be completing your recharging from last season and planning for the coming season, while others have already been tackling this coming season with great zest for some time. Wherever you are in the ski-planning spectrum, we wish you well going forward with 2017-2018!

Coaches serve a vital role in our sport, as you are the “boots on the ground” providing the day to day needs of our skiers, from the young skiers making their first tracks through the woods to those who are butting heads with the world’s best. Certified coaches are also critical to keeping our athletes safe and building a culture of credibility to our community so that our sport is a trusted, safe and secure environment. Parents need to know cross country skiing will help their children to develop core life values, such as, excellence, respect, friendship and a joy for outdoor activities. If parents know their children are participating in a safe environment they will support their child’s choice of sport. Good coaches area critical element to this paradigm.

As you proceed with this season we would like to have you as an integral part of Central Cross Country Skiing and U.S. Ski and Snowboard. We trust that your enthusiasm and hard work for the sport of cross country skiing will line up well with investing in CXC’s vision to inspire and enable our members to achieve excellence in the sport of cross country skiing and in life.

Here are a few updates that may be of interest.

1. We are in full swing for the 2017-18 season. Online registration opened May 1. As a reminder, Central Cross Country Skiing and U.S. Ski & Snowboard memberships for both clubs and individual members expire on June 30 annually.

2. We’re excited to bring a wide array of benefits to our coach members:
Don’t delay with your membership! Get these benefits coming your way as soon as possible to help you become a better coach and get a complimentary American Birkebeiner entry (if you are a certified Coach) before your wave fills up!

3. You can begin the process of renewing or becoming a CXC Club by contacting me, Joe Haggenmiller (, and requesting a PDF of paperwork for U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership either with or without CLIP insurance.

If you are interested in CXC Club membership only, please follow this link: Feel free to follow up with me if you have questions about what type of membership is right for your club.

4. U.S. Ski & Snowboard will again offer club liability insurance through its CLIP program. For more information see this link: This is a great option to protect your club and its membership.

5. The CXC Junior Cup Schedule has been set. Please mark your calendars to plan to attend:

6. CXC will be holding its annual Wayne Fish fall coaches symposium and certification opportunities October 20-22, 2017. Please put on your calendar and check in here to sign up and get updates:

7. CXC has a closed facebook page to our coaches/key club contacts to communicate with each other. It is on facebook as “Clubs of Central Cross Country Skiing”. If you get an invite, please accept it.

8. The USSA Bi-Annual Coaches Symposium will be in Park City this year on October 27-29. If you can make one or both symposiums, you will find many useful insights to move your program forward:

Good luck with your programing and enjoy some fun this summer!


Joe Haggenmiller | Director of Athletics
Central Cross Country Skiing
Community Olympic Development Program

Phone: (906) 281-1214


“I have now been with CXC for over two months. Learning more about all the initiatives CXC is working on has been exciting. Many of our membership I have known for years, others are new faces for me. Either way, I look forward to getting to know each of you better and helping your programs achieve their aspirations. I know each club’s goals and needs are unique. My experience of 30 plus years in cross country skiing programing run by both clubs and educational institutions and my experience working with all levels and ages from youth to masters, whether it be first time skiers looking to enjoy some time in the woods or elite junior and senior racers looking for ways to race their best, involves so many different aspects of our sport.

This experience should allow me to be a helpful resource for each of you and your programs. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions. I’ll try to get you answers as quick as I can.”

– Joe H.



CXC Membership is Open!

As a regional organization, the Central Cross Country Skiing has over 2,000 members. These members are the backbone of our organization, representing many important roles and positions in our sport.

There are 10 different membership categories to cater to every type of ski enthusiast. Whether you are at the beginning stages of skiing, a high level competitor, a weekend warrior master skier, a coach, a club, or someone who wants to support the sport through volunteering, CXC has a membership for you!



Your membership fee will provide one pair of “Nordic Rocks!” Skis to an elementary ski program! At least 10 unique students will use YOUR pair of “Nordic Rocks!” skis on an average of 50 times in one season.

Yuriy Gusev

For further information or details regarding CXC membership structure, please feel free to contact CXC Executive Director, Yuriy Gusev.

Save The Date! Coaches ‘Round Table’ Discussion at REG & Coaches Conference

Coaches are the backbone of the CXC and USSA development pipeline, providing leadership to athletes through USSA Club programs.

In addition to the great benefits that come with a CXC/USSA Certified Coaches Membership, for the second year, CXC is offering complimentary Birkie entries to 2016/2017 certified Level 100 and 200 coaches, with support of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation.



Save the Date!

Coaches ‘Round Table’ Discussion at the Central (CXC) Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp

When: Saturday July 9th at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Lobby of Meyland Hall on Northern Michigan University Campus

Topics covered at this meeting will include:

  • Current state of Central REG (REG qualification criteria review; Areas for improvement)
  • Discussion on regional skier development and looking at the direction our region is heading
  • Update on Junior National Qualifier Race Organization Guide/Handbook progress (Andy Keller, Joe Haggenmiller)
  • Review of Regional Racing Calendar (College and JNQ)
  • Open Discussion

2016 CXC/Wayne Fish Coaches Certification and Conference


When: October 21-23, 2016
Where: Lakewoods Resort, Cable (WI)

Keynote Speakers:

  • Bryan Fish, U.S. Ski Team Development Coach
  • Dr. Jim Mullen, MD at the Marshfield Clinic and Head Junior Coach at Lakeland Nordic Ski Team
  • Jonathan Stone, First Aid and CPR Instructor
  • Bjorn Ilsemann, Head Junior Coach at IL Heming, Norway
  • Rebecca Rick, USSA Sports Dietitian
  • Andy Keller and Karmen Whitham, Level 100 Technique Clinicians



Yuriy Gusev, CXC Athletic Director

For further information or details regarding the CXC Coaches Membership structure or the events, please feel free to contact Yuriy Gusev.

The 2016 CXC Annual Board Meeting | Friday, May 20

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.26.17 PM.png

Dear CXC Skiing Members,

It is time for two major annual events in the CXC Skiing year, the election of officers as required by our bylaws and the announcement of our Annual Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend the 2016 CXC Annual Board Meeting.

When: Friday, May 20 from 12:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where: 718 Post Rd., Suite E, Madison, WI 53713


1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Old Business

5. Bylaw Revisions & Vote

6. Financial Report

7. Programs Report

8. Membership Report

9. Interest Group Report

10. Other New Business

Revised CXC bylaws are available for review on the CXC website. You can also find a letter from Oyvind Solvang (CXC Skiing’s President of the Board) which explains the reasons for bylaw changes.

Additional agenda items can be directed to Yuriy Gusev, CXC Executive & Athletic Director. Please RSVP or note on your returned ballot if you are planning to attend, so appropriate space and materials are available.

Two extremely qualified and dedicated cross country skiing volunteers, have offered to run for the open positions of Vice President and Treasurer. The ballot contains a brief statement from them that outlines their qualifications.


Both candidates are running unopposed, however, our bylaws require that candidates be presented to the membership for election. A copy of the bylaws, along with a listing of current officers and board members is available on the website.

If you are registered as an individual CXC Skiing member, are in good standing (have paid your membership dues for the 2015/2016 season), and are 16 years old or older, you are eligible to cast one vote for the open Officer positions.

Members under the age of 16 must have their vote cast by a guardian.

Please print out and complete the attached ballot, with signatures of members and guardians if appropriate.

Return the ballot to CXC Skiing, P.O. Box 930442, Verona, WI 35593 or bring it with you to the annual meeting.  Mail in ballots should be received before May 17th.

After ballots are received, they will be logged in and names will be removed to ensure anonymity.

Thank you in advance to all of you, for your participation in this election and for your support and participation throughout this season.