Masters Clinic | Rice Lake (WI) Chapter

The Rice Lake (WI) Chapter is having an Open Masters/Citizen Technique Clinic on Monday, August 29th at 6:00 p.m. at Eagle Ridge in Rice Lake.


The focus of this technique clinic will be, movements of classic striding and progression.


Following the workout will be a pot-luck meal. Out There Nordic Sports will be providing the main course, but other dishes can be brought to pass.

*Please RSVP here and say what dish you are planning on bringing next to your name. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.34.43 AMAndy Keller – USSA Level 200 Certified Coach

Eriksen Bike Drawing Update

How will your Support make a Difference for Adaptive Youth?

Central Cross Country Ski Association and Kent Eriksen Cycles are partnering to support the CXC Adaptive Program for children with physical disabilities and visual impairments, by giving away a custom designed, hand crafted, Eriksen titanium road bike to a lucky donor!


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.58.03 PM

CXC can provide as many as 15 sit-skis to the ‘Nordic Rocks!’ Program this winter, because of the funds raised through the bike drawing fundraiser.

Almost every school has at least one child with a physical disability that could use a sit-ski as a part of the ‘Nordic Rocks!’ Program. By having sit-skis accessible, kids with physical disabilities or injuries can participate in physical education class, recess, and after-school programs along with the rest of their peers!


The ‘Nordic Rocks!’ for Schools Program introduces a new generation of youth in kindergarten through sixth grade, to the excitement found in the sport of cross-country skiing. The program creates an opportunity to teach skiing during the school day.

We are three weeks into the Bike Drawing fundraiser and over 55 tickets have been sold. Thank you! Our goal is to sell 200 tickets by October 3rd. Continue helping us reach our goal by purchasing a ticket to support youth with physical disabilities and visual impairments through the CXC Adaptive Program.


Already donated?
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Embrace Our Climate With Cross-Country Skiing

By: Bill Kirsch, Lowell Elementary School – Waukesha, WI

What are some ideas for health and fitness during the winter months in Wisconsin? At Lowell Elementary in Waukesha we have experienced an awesome journey into the great activity of cross-country skiing. Besides my personal interest in the sport of Nordic skiing, there are so many health benefits associated with this activity:

1. Full body workout
2. Burn many calories
3. Cardio exercise/Improve endurance
4. Relieve stress
5. Functional/Cross training
6. Connect with nature


Lowell was extremely fortunate to have established a strong relationship with the Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC) and the ‘Nordic Rocks!’ for Schools Program. The CXC developed and released the ‘Nordic Rocks!’ program for elementary and middle school aged students as a way to promote and increase the awareness and interest of Nordic Skiing among youth. The program is designed to create a three-way partnership between schools, their communities, and CXC.


All students in grades 1st-5th were able to experience Nordic skiing. Staff outings were also offered and well attended. The skis provided by CXC are incredibly simple to use as the bindings easily clip onto the student’s boots. There are no poles so the students really learn the proper diagonal stride. Day 1 on the skis involves viewing a short video, learning to put on the skis, and practicing in the gym (Yes, right on the gym floor!). On day 2 and all subsequent days we come in the gym, clip on the skis, and zoom down the hallway and out the doors for tons of skiing fun. I strongly recommend that you try to expose your students to this wonderful outdoor winter activity.


Day 1:

  • Warm-up: jump rope five minutes
  • Introduce Care of Cross Country Skis (Ski Association $3K investment -$100/pair)
  • Show Video
  • Explain/show how to keep skis straight

Stand on bindings and slide around gym. Practice keeping feet DOWN/Sliding. Demonstrate how to put on shoe/boot.

1. Make it big – open everything up
2. Like a buckle on your pants

Loosen everything to take skis off.


Day 2:

Review video again.
Buckle up!



CXC Athlete Living the Dream

Some dream of being a world champion in their sport, but claiming the title for the third consecutive time became a reality for Kendall Gretsch, at the ITU Paratriathlon World Championships in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, July 24, 2016. Gretsch is a Madison, (WI) resident who trains with the CXC Para-Nordic Team during the off season as another way to prepare for her triathlons.

“It was so amazing to win my third world championship, especially knowing the races are going to get more and more competitive each year.” Said Kendall Gretsch.


Kendall Gretsch crossing the finish line to claim the World Champion title for the third time. Photo courtesy of Janos M. Schmidt/ITU Media,

At World Championships, Gretsch competed in a 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike, and a 5-Kilometer run course where Gretsch proved once again that she is a force to be reckoned with among the PT1/wheelchair women. Gretsch dominated the competition, finishing over 5 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of silver medalist Lizzie Tench of Great Britain and Spain’s Eva Moral Pedrero who grabbed the bronze medal.

Gretsch’s first official year competing in triathlons was in 2014 when her winning streak began and there are no signs of her slowing down.

Gretsch grew up swimming with her neighborhood and high schools teams, but it wasn’t until college when she got involved in adaptive sports and triathlons. Gretsch joined the triathlon team Dare2tri, which has a big emphasis on youth programs and provides adaptive equipment and coaching to kids of all ages.

“Sports was such an important part of my childhood, so I know how important this is.” Recalled Gretsch. “I’ve seen how participating in triathlon and other adaptive sports can build a kid’s sense of confidence, especially when they are able to race side by side with their peers.”

With Gretsch’s determination and hard work along with the accessibility to programs such as Dare2tri, Kendall has accelerated in her sport in just three years and making it to the big stage at World Championships.

During Gretsch’s success in triathlons, she continued to explore other adaptive sports as well. Kendall began working with CXC’s Para-Nordic program where she tried sit-skiing. After nearly two years of learning, Gretsch caught on quickly and is now hoping to ramp up her training in skiing to start competing this winter.

IMG_0205 copy.jpg

Kendall on the roller ski treadmill at the CXC Center of Excellence in Madison, (WI).

“Everyone knows what a positive impact sports can have, and that’s just as important for kids with disabilities.” Explains Gretsch. “Without adaptive sports programs, competing in sports wouldn’t be possible for a lot of kids.”


Kids trying out sit-skis at a Badgers Adapt Clinic hosted by the CXC Adaptive Program.

Gretsch is an inspiration to many, as she continues to work hard and chase her dreams.

CXC’s third annual Eriksen Bike Drawing fundraiser, going on now through October 3rd, supports the CXC Adaptive Program for youth with physical disabilities and visual impairments. Over 50 tickets have already been sold in just two weeks. Support adaptive youth through a purchase of a ticket to win a custom designed, hand crafted Eriksen titanium road frame. PURCHASE A TICKET! 



First Masters Camp of the Season!

CXC’s first Open Masters/Citizen Technique Camp of the season is coming up in less than two weeks! Join CXC Team head coach, Andy Keller and Egor Akimov, CXC Sports Development and Education Director, along with fellow Masters skiers, August 26-28 in Cable, (WI)!



During the days at the camp participants work on agility, balance, dry-land training, ski imitation, roller skiing and then receive video analysis. This is also a great opportunity to learn about training, technique, racing, recovery and more.


A fair amount of the work is drills and skills that break down technique to individual movements, to help skiers understand what they must work on to improve.


Yuriy Gusev, CXC Athletic Director

For further information or details regarding the  CXC Masters Camp, contact Yuriy Gusev.


Eriksen Bike Drawing

Since CXC’s inaugural Eriksen Bike Drawing fundraiser two years ago, the impact has been profound. CXC has had the opportunity to introduce the sport of cross country skiing to kids with physical disabilities and visual impairments at events and schools.

The fundraiser has also helped adaptive athletes reach their goals of athletic excellence through the CXC Adaptive Program. Athletes like Mia Zutter are an inspiration to many and has remained persistent in chasing her dreams.



Mia Zutter performing a VO2 Max test at the CXC Center of Excellence in Madison, WI.

“Being a CXC Adaptive Skier has taught me to expand my comfort zone. It has given me independence that no other sports offer as a visually impaired athlete. This independence has also given me confidence not only as a skier but also in running.” Said Mia Zutter, CXC Adaptive Athlete.

After two years of hard work and training, Mia Zutter competed in the Wisconsin State High School Nordic Championships as well as Junior National Qualifiers and was named to the 2016-2017 U.S. Paralympic Nordic Skiing Development Team.


Mia skiing at Mt. Telemark in Cable, WI with guide Karen Manske.

“Without CXC exposing me to so many cool opportunities, such as skiing in West Yellowstone my first year in the sport, I would definitely not have known what sports could offer me as a visually impaired athlete.” Said Mia.

Tickets are on sale now until October 3rd, 2016 or until the 200 tickets are sold out! Support to win a custom designed, hand crafted Eriksen titanium road frame! Support adaptive youth through a purchase of a ticket to win a custom designed, hand crafted Eriksen titanium road frame!


Have questions?  Let us know.